Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy VegasNightCasino


This policy is made compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”), (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) which means:


- No personal information will be shared with any third parties without
the customer’s permission.

-Your data will be handled with care and respect at all times.

-Your personal information is stored and processed in line with the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at the casino.

-Your general system information and your activity at the casino is logged and stored.

- You are responsible for any actions and any losses if another person accesses your account due to your negligence.

-You may retain the right to ask us for a copy of the information held on your  behalf and are invited to ask for information to be corrected if necessary.

-You may retain the right to access your Personal Information as held by us.

-You may retain the right to object to processing where the lawful basis is that it is in our legitimate interests, but please note that we may still process your Personal Information where there are other relevant lawful bases or where we have compelling grounds to continue processing your Personal Information in our interests which are not overridden by your rights, interests or freedoms.

-You may retain the right to receive your Personal Information in machine-readable format.

-You may retain the right to have inaccurate Personal Information rectified.

-You may retain the right to request an explanation of the logic involved where we make decisions about you solely through automated means.

-You may retain the right to complain to your national data protection supervisory authority.

-You may retain the right to object to direct marketing, which can be done by opting-out of direct marketing either through your Account or by opting out via the communication itself. You also have a right to object to any profiling to the extent that it relates to direct marketing only.

-You may retain the right to ask for your Personal Information to be removed if required.

-You may retain the right to be notified of data breaches.

-You may retain the right to withdraw your consent, in case we have specifically requested your consent to process your Personal Information and have no other lawful conditions to rely on.


If you are unsure about your rights or are concerned about how your Personal Information may be processed, you should contact your national data protection regulator.

If you would like to exercise any of your rights, then you can do so by contacting us. Please be aware that while we will try to accommodate any request you make in respect of your rights, they are not absolute rights. This means that we may have to refuse your request or may only be able to comply with it in part.

Where you make a request in respect of your rights we will require proof of identification. We may also ask that you clarify your request. We will aim to respond to any request within one month of verifying your identity, with a possibility to extend this period for particularly complex requests in accordance with applicable law. If we receive repeated requests or have reason to believe requests are being made unreasonably, we reserve the right not to respond.

In accordance with applicable law, we reserve the right to withhold personal information if disclosing it would adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others.


VegasNightCasino is passionate about protecting and respecting the privacy of its customers while also loyal to available data protection regulations.

We always employ good practice and lawful methods when handling sensitive data. All personal data collected by VegasNightCasino is used for specific purposes in line with the customers’ expectations.

We have carefully implemented these measures so that we can guarantee that personal data is always:


  • Processed in accordance with the rights of the customer
  • Processed lawfully and with fairness at the forefront


Collected only for a lawful and specific purpose

  • Adequate, relevant and not excessive to its purpose
  • Accurate, updated and kept securely
  • Only kept for the duration that it is reasonably required
  • Never passed on to jurisdictions where the relevant regulations do not apply
  • Utilised for marketing purposes through the opt-in principle

The only rare occasion which may require VegasNightCasino to disclose a customer’s personal data is in the event that it is ordered to do so. This situation could arise in the following circumstances:

  • A decision made by the governing law of your jurisdiction
  • If we are ordered to do so by a Governing Authority
  • If we are ordered to do so by the Data Protection Commissioner
  • In the unlikely event of a customer being involved in a crime either directly or indirectly this is in relation to their account with the casino.


Customers opening an account with VegasNightCasino agree to consent to their personal data being used for the following purposes:


  • Performance of these terms by us, our suppliers and any third party acting on our behalf
  • Internal marketing and promotional initiative projects
  • Storage and processing in accordance with anti money laundering laws


Employees at VegasNightCasino legally required keeping the terms of this Privacy Policy. All employees are required to keep personal information entirely confidential. This requirement continues permanently even if the employee leaves VegasNightCasino.


VegasNightCasino may occasionally contact customers directly in order to promote products and services that may be of interest to customers. If you do not wish to receive such correspondence then please follow the steps as outlined above in order to let us know.


With the explicit permission of the customer, a small file is placed on the hard drive of that concerned person’s computer, known as a cookie. This cookie tracks web traffic so that we are able to analyze your preferences and know when you visit our website. The purpose of these cookies is to help us develop web applications more appropriately and use the data for our internal marketing purposes. Customers have the right to decline cookies and delete them from their hard drive at any time.


Electronic Service Providers (ESPs)
VegasNightCasino may use third party electronic payment processors to process every customer’s financial transactions (deposits and withdrawals). Acceptance of the Privacy Policy is in effect expressly consenting to personal information being shared with ESPs when necessary.


Fraud Prevention
We have the tools and resources to detect any fraud and suspicious activity in order to ensure that VegasNightCasino is a safe place to play. We retain the right to suspend any account if we suspect any suspicious activity. If you have any concerns about your account activity, please contact our customer support immediately.


By accepting our privacy policy you also accept to receive marketing material from us. In case you would like not to receive such material in the future please opt out by contacting our support!