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Fair Gaming

Fairness, trust and transparency are the foremost regards in VegasNightCasino.

VegasNightCasino is fully committed to provide a completely fair standard of gaming. This is the single most important thing we do for our players and here’s how it is done.



Our software is developed, maintained, and rigorously tested. Each transaction that you make at VegasNightCasino is recorded to ensure a complete audit trail in the unlikely event of a disagreement. The VegasNightCasino “dealer” is powered by a computer with a truly random, sophisticated RNG (Random Number Generator).


What exactly is an RNG

Our RNG utilises the very latest technology to generate a high speed stream of random numbers, with the number used to generate your result depending on the precise moment the result is requested.

So not only it is impossible to predict the next number in the sequence, but also impossible to predict which number from the sequence will be used to determine the outcome of your game.




VegasNightCasino is proud of its winners and announces them throughout the month in various manners. Our winner’s feedback is very important to us so please make sure to send us any comments you have, by clicking on the Support or Chat options at the top of the website.



E-mail Correspondence

As a member of VegasNightCasino, you will receive regular E-mails about our promotions, updates, new games, events and important personal account information. Internet service providers now contain powerful anti-spam filters to ensure that their customers only get the E-mails they want to receive.

Occasionally anti-spam filters will result in some of your legitimate E-mails being blocked and thus you might not receive bonus offers, important account information, and promotional E-mails. Don’t let anti-spam controls spoil your fun, put our E-mail address into your contacts!


Irregular play

The Casino has the rights to refuse any withdrawal request, which includes the right to remove all bonuses or winnings in the case of Irregular Play. The following are deemed irregular play:

 - Placing total bets equal to or greater than 50% of the value of the last deposit currently in play. This includes purchasing in-game features including but not limited to free spins with a total bet amount of 30% or greater than the value of the deposit.
An example: The player's last deposit was 50 GBP, the maximum bet he can place is 75 GBP. During bonus buy the bet can be maximum 75 GBP. In case the condition of the bonus buy is 100x bet, then the maximum amount that can be bought will be 7500 GBP.
- Using Martingale, double-up, one number betting, and similar systems and strategies and/or abusing the in-game bonus features. Should you be found to be employing any strategy, your winnings will be confiscated, and your account permanently closed


We look forward to see you in our excellent casino!